Discounts for NGOs, educational institutions, start-ups and students
Which organizations and individuals are eligible for a discount?
  • NGOs (qualified non-profit organization)
  • Educational institutions
  • Start-ups
  • Students
What discounts are available?
  • NGO: 100% discount on membership, 50% discount on advertising tools
  • Educational institutions: 60% discount on membership, 30% on advertising tools
  • Startups: 30% off membership, 15% off advertising tools
  • Students: 30% off membership, 15% off advertising tools
How do I apply for the discount?
  • Submit a request with information about you or your organization.

Our Customer Success Team will review your request and let you know how your discounted membership will be processed.

Please allow at least 3 business days for processing. Requests without appropriate supporting documentation may be subject to delays.

Note: Not every organization or individual is eligible for the discount. We reserve the right to grant or deny access to this offer for any reason and to amend or change the eligibility guidelines at any time.